Due to health issues......mainly the "joys" of aging and the increasing issues associated with it, and with heavy heart, I am exploring the prospect of selling my entire herd with the exception of the oldest animals, which I will retain to live out their lives on the farm.  I have been raising llamas now for 18 years and have enjoyed it immensely, but there comes a time to move on.  I currently have 20 animals ranging from 6 months to 15  years.  They include 7 full Argentines, 8 part Argentines and 5 others including a gray full Chilean male of the Argentine type and a Bacchus Azul female, a suri 3/4 Chilean female, and a Chrome 2 y/o male who has wool to the toes just like his sire, and has definite herdsire potential.  Price for the entire herd is $25K, which is a bargain considering the quality of the animals.  Six of the females have been exposed to males, but no guarantees as to pregnancy is given.  

Several of the llamas are the direct offspring of 3 Argentines I imported from Chile during the Taylor sale.  All are healthy and reproductively capable to the best of my knowledge.  All are well socialized and used to regular human contact.  I am happy to answer any questions and provide more information and pics if needed.  All are registered with ILR except for the 2 youngest who will be soon.  Most are microchipped.