Dark Hollow Llamas

Llamas are about as easy to care for as any livestock requiring shelter, good pasture, fresh water, and woven wire fencing.  We feed each animal approximately one pound of mixed grain (combination of a llama feed with essential minerals, oats, corn and barley) and a little sweet feed for a treat.  The rest of their diet is pasture and hay

As llamas are social animals, it is highly recommended that you have at least two to start with. They may become stressed being alone in new surroundings and new people. They must develop a trust with new owners. Please consider this when purchasing these animals. 
Shearing in the spring is needed in our climate with the high heat and humidity in the summer time.  We do a variety of different cuts to keep them cool. We also run fans and put kiddy pools out to add to their comfort.  Some love to stand in the water and some like to have their legs sprayed with the hose on hot days.
Llamas are used as guards for other livestock such as sheep. They are used as pack animals in the western states. They are also used in carting, in shows and public relations. They are many peoples pets.  The wool a llama has produces great fiber for spinning and felting.  Llama wool has no lanolin in it and does not have an oily feel to it.  
   Our llamas get monthly worming medications and yearly shots.
   Toenail trimming is done as needed (some require it several times     a year and others don't need it at all).