This page contains pictures of all our breeding and reference females in the herd. They are Argentine, North American, Chilean and North/South American crosses.  
Dark Hollow Females

SLCL Brianna
DOB: 3/23/95
GNLC Liberty Valance           X Befana
Argentine Coya 
DOB: 10/28/99
Argentine Yecu X 
        Argentine Corta

Argentine Flavia
 4/12/99 - 11/26/08 
Argentine Yecu X
   Argentine Nikita
High-Button Shoes
DOB: 2/24/98
Kong X LRL Indygo
DOB: 5/18/01
Tocanao's Tocayo X
    High-Button Shoes 
Argentine Sophia
DOB: 9/15/03
Argentine Pecos X
   Argentine Flavia 

Dark Hollow's Ebony 
DOB: 3/14/04
Argentine Valentin X Black Coral TLC


Dark Hollow's Francesca
Dark Hollow's Titanium X SLCL Brianna
DOB:  10/30/05


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SANTIA ROSE with cria 
DOB:  5/6/01
CTW Santana X CTW Footloose

Dark Hollow's Mocha
DOB:  4/22/08
Argentine Ultra X Kyan

Velvetina RTC
DOB:  4/22/08
MGF Bacchus Azul X Black Velvet RTC

DOB: 10/19/08
HCLR Conquistador X Lonesome Pines
                                Love In A Mist

RHL Chit Chat
DOB: 3/8/02
Argentine Pecos X Vizcaya

Dark Hollow's Bonita 
DOB 4/2/2012
Tocanao's Tocayo (ET) X
Argentine Amber

Argentine Bella with Cria
DOB 5/9/2012
Argentine Valentin X Argentine Coya
Argentine Princess
DOB 5/21/2013
Argentine Valentin X Argentine Sophia
Dark Hollow's Sable
DOB 7/23/2016
Argentine Valentin X Santia Rose