Dark Hollow Llamas

Welcome to Dark Hollow Llamas.  We hope you enjoy your visit and will drop in again.

We are located in Fulton, MO which is about midway between Kansas City and St. Louis just off I-70.  We are only 3 miles outside of town and about 30 miles from either Columbia or Jefferson City.  We live on 170 acres mostly timber with about 14 acres of pasture at this time.  We have raised llamas for 14 years now.  We try to maintain a herd of about 30 llamas of various ages.  Most of those born on the farm are from  Argentine, Chilean and North American crosses. We offer on site breedings to our males.  We have show quality animals as well as pets for sale, and occasionally guards.   

Our goal here at Dark Hollow Llamas is to produce the best quality animal we can with particular emphasis on confirmation, disposition, heavy bone, and great fiber.

We offer on site breedings to our herdsires and have show  and pet quality animals for sale . **Please call or email us for prices.
. We first became interested in llamas after taking early retirement from our jobs and considering raising some type of livestock to utilize our land.  We attended the Grand National Llama Show in Columbia, MO and fell in love with these beautiful animals.  We decided that llamas fit our personality and situation quite well and began to explore them in more depth.  We visited over 10 llama farms in the state and began adapting our farm (clearing brushy areas, putting up fencing, and building a barn with electric and water) to accomodate them.  
Our herd currently consists of mainly full Argentine and Argentine cross llamas with 2 full Chilean males of the Argentine type in addition to a solid group of North American females.  We currently feel that the South American gene pool mixed with the North American females produce a nice result, often showing the Argentine traits of heavy bone and wool. 
We find llamas are generally easy to work with, learn quickly, and are fascinating to watch.  We find it very relaxing just to get out and mingle with them. They have a very curious nature, very distinct personalities, and often seem to enjoy watching humans as much as the opposite is true.  One frequent question always seems to be "do they spit"?  They certainly do - but it is mostly over food or position or status and is usually between two llamas, not humans.  Now and then you might get a whiff of spit or even get in the crossfire, but rarely ever get spit directed at you.  If so,  it does wash off with a little soap and water!  No big deal...
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**Just an additional note to " bargain hunters."  We are not trying to be competitive with the exotic animal auction markets.  Our animals all have known histories, are selectively bred, well cared for, handled regularly and registered with the International Llama Registry.  Most are microchipped.  They are fed a set amount of custom mix and sweet feed daily as well as good quality hay as needed.  They receive yearly vaccinations, are sheared yearly in the spring, and are wormed monthly throughout the year. They always have a clean source of water and dry bedding area. We use fans and misters in the summer to keep them cool. Last, but not least, they are appreciated and loved.

At an auction, you may get a good animal, but also you run the risk of getting someone's else's problem animal: unregistered, mean, antisocial, poor mother or unable to hold pregnancy, health problems , or otherwise unsound animal.  The choice is up to you. We try to be upfront and honest about our animals, and match them to their new owners as best as possible, and even discourage ownership when it doesn't appear to be in the animal's best interest. We have no "throw away" llamas.  Our prices start at $500.

Just for a comparison,  think of what a purebred puppy costs. The  gestation period for a dog is 63 days, a litter has up to 12 pups in it. A llama gestation period is eleven and a half months.  They have only one offspring per year if all goes well.  

If you would like to see what we have available or maybe just come for a visit to see if llamas are right for you, just call and we will give you directions. We would love to show you our herd. 

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